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Sua Ecuador

Súa is an Ecuador beach resort which is not far from sprawling Atacames. It can make a pleasant alternative to the noise and bustle that Atacames sometimes attracts during busier times.

Súa can be a pleasant place to relax for a few days and experience the Ecuadorian coast. The town is located in a cove and surrounded by large cliffs. The beach itself is a long stretch of grey sand. It is fairly expansive. Add this to the fact that it is not so frequented as other coastal locations, and you can find yourself on a fairly quiet spot on this peaceful beach. Along the beach front itself there are a number restaurants to choose from, all offering up the standard coastal fare.

Súa hotels
Súa is a fairly small town and so there are not a huge variety of hotels to choose from here. There is not much in the high or mid range sections of travelers’ budgets, but there are a couple of places that are clean and presentable. If you’re lucky you might happen across a place with a pool.

While Súa is not such a major destination in and of itself on the coast, it can get busy during certain holiday periods such as Carnival, when Atacames is packed out and the spill over of tourists reaches Súa with travelers looking for a place to stay. Prices do increase during this time, and also during the whale watching period from late June through September.

Súa restaurants
Súa is a much smaller version of its larger cousin brother Atacames further up the coast, and has a lot less to offer in the way of restaurants. Here, you will be mainly limited to seafood and fish options, served with rice, lentils (menestras) and plantain (patacones). However, this is the coast, and the seafood is fresh and delicious. There is a place that offers pizza for a bit of variety if you’ve had enough of the seafood for a day.

There’s not a whole lot in the way of nightlife to be found in Súa. You can drink a bit later in a couple of the beachside places, but do not expect large, trendy nightspots here. This is a place to kick back and chill out.

Buses can be taken from Esmeraldas to Súa. If traveling from Quito, the best option is to either take a bus to Esmeraldas and travel south along the coastal road to Súa, or to take a direct bus from Quito to Atacames and change bus there for Súa. There are buses at regular intervals from Esmeraldas and Atacames that head in the direction of Súa.

Súa is a Pacific coastal town and has most of the same security issues that some of the other settlements along the Ecuadorian coast have. The usual rules apply. Don’t walk alone along the beach at night. If you frequent the local bars, do not accept drinks from strangers and don’t leave your drinks unattended.