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Salinas Ecuador

Salinas is a town that is a little more built up than others along the coast. High-rise apartment buildings and hotels line the seafront, and the town sports a large harbor and marina that is home to many a fancy yacht. There is a sizeable white beach which is popular and often busier than other beaches along the coast. It is possible to rent umbrellas to shade yourself from the sun.

The town attracts a different clientele than its neighbors, Montañita and Puerto López. Prices are higher, and there are less backpackers in general. In addition to the surfing that is available elsewhere along the coast, another entertainment option in Salinas is sport fishing. There are a couple of tour operators offering this activity to interested tourists.

Salinas is much busier during public holidays. It can get particularly crowded over the New Year, as this is a popular place to hang out for Ecuador’s jet set at this time. You can expect prices to be significantly higher during these periods, and you have to book a place to stay in advance.

Salinas hotels
Salinas is more of a high end resort than most of the other Ecuador beach towns. Accommodation is accordingly affecting with many of the places available to stay being at the mid and higher-end section of the market. That said it is possible to find a cheaper deal by scouting around a little, although not as cheap as other places along the coast. The positive side of the higher prices means that there are some really luxurious places to stay in Salinas, offering everything a traveler could want.

During holiday seasons and during the whale watching period from late June through September, prices can get a bit higher.

Salinas restaurants
Being slightly bigger than some of the towns along the southern part of the coast, Salinas does offer a little more than the standard coastal fare. It is also possible to find some international cuisine, in the form of pizza, pasta and burgers. While many of the restaurant options here are more expensive, a good deal of them are still places of the white plastic chair variety, serving Ecuador’s traditional coastal options. There are some great places to get ice cream in Salinas too. A lot of the nicer places can be found along the sea front.

Salinas nightlife
As Salinas is a larger town than some of its coastal counterparts, there are a number of bars and places to dance. The night life options include a couple of funky bars. There is even a casino for those who have a bit of cash and fancy their chances.

As one of the bigger resorts along Ecuador’s coast, it is possible to get buses from Quito, direct to Salinas. This is a journey of around 10 hours, and can be done overnight for those not wishing to spend a whole day sat on a bus.

Alternatively, Salinas is only a couple of hours away from Guayaquil, so for those looking to save time, it is possible to fly to Guayaquil from Quito – a flight that takes around 35 minutes, and then catch a bus onwards to Salinas. Buses leave regularly throughout the day.

Along with all other coastal towns in Ecuador, do not walk alone along the beach at night, don’t leave your drinks unattended in bars and do not accept drinks from people that you don’t know, even if they seem friendly.