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Quito Hotels

Quito has a wide variety of different hotels to suit all different budget levels. There are cheap hostels for the backpacker crowd, mid-range hotels for those who want something a bit better than a hostel but not luxury, and high-end hotels for those who want comfort and style.

Quito hotels are spread across the city and the best ones can be found mainly in four different sectors: the Mariscal area; the Old Town (Centro Historico), La Floresta and the northern part of Quito.

La Mariscal Hotels
La Mariscal is a part of Quito that has a lot of hotels. It is the main part of the city where travelers stay, so there is something for everyone here. It possibly the most convenient place to stay because there are numerous restaurants and bars as well, so plenty of places to eat and drink at night. There are a very large number of cheap hostels for those who are on a tight budget. It is usually possible to find a place in this part of town for less than $10, in dorm room, if that is what you are looking for.

The Mariscal part of town also has a number of very nice hotels for those who can afford something really nice. There is a branch of the Hilton, a Marriott hotel, and also a hotel from the Mercure chain. In addition to these chain hotels, the Mariscal part of town also has a few really special boutique-style hotels, if you’re looking for some luxury, but something that is a bit more unique.

Aside from both ends of the price spectrum, the Mariscal also has a good range of hotels for those with budgets somewhere in the middle – for those who can’t afford an expensive luxury hotel in Quito, but who are looking for something a bit nice than a basic dorm room.

Most of the Quito hotels in the Mariscal part of town are located within a few blocks of Plaza Foch, which is a popular part of town for going out, with cosmopolitan cuisine and pleasant bars.

Old Town Hotels
Quito’s hotels in the Old Town are more dispersed and there are fewer of them. Most are not too far from the main sights of the Old Town, spread around in the streets around the Plaza Grande. There are a few budget options and a smattering of high end options, with all of the luxury that you could need. In the Plaza Grande the most luxurious of Quito hotels is located, right across from the Presidential Palace. There are a number of decent places to eat within the vicinity of most of the Quito hotels to be found near the Plaza Grande.

La Floresta Hotels
La Floresta has a smaller percentage of the Quito hotels than other parts of town. There are a few high-end chain hotels, some mid range places and just a few hostels to choose between. Some of the nicer places in town are to be found in this area. There are a good number of decent restaurants to eat at in this part of town, making it a fairly pleasant place to stay during your trip to Quito.

North Quito Hotels
The northern part of Quito is a pleasant place to stay. This is the business district of town. Hotels and restaurants are much more spread out in this part of Quito, so in some ways it is not as convenient as other parts of town that you might choose to stay in. The hotels in this part of Quito tend to be higher-end, more luxurious options than in other parts of town, and there are fewer hostels.