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Puerto Lopez Ecuador

Puerto López is a fishing village, located on Ecuador’s southern coast. The town sits nestled in a pretty bay. When the fishermen bring the fish in during the morning, the beach becomes a hive of activity as the birdlife flocks to the beach to try to steal the fish.

One of the big attractions at Puerto López is the whale watching that it offers during the summer months of late June through September. During this period, the humpbacked whales head to the warm water off Puerto López and some other parts of Ecuador’s coastline, to find a mate.

Puerto López does attract greater crowds during public holiday weekends and the high season. Don’t forget to reserve a room in advance during this period, and expect costs to be higher.

Puerto López hotels
Puerto López has a small range of hotels available for the traveler to choose between. Most options tend to be in the budget price range, although there are a few really nice luxury resorts just a little way out of town.

During low season you can sometimes get a good deal on a room by bargaining. In the higher seasons, especially during the whale watching times and on public holiday weekends, prices can rise significantly and you should book in advance.

Puerto López restaurants
Puerto López does not offer much in the way of international cuisine. Here you can mainly expect traditional coastal fare of seafood or fish with rice, patacones (fried slices of plantain) and menestras (lentils in a brown sauce). You may also find encocada here, that is fish or seafood served in a tasty coconut sauce.

Puerto López is a small town and does not offer much to the traveler in the way of nightlife. There are a few bars that are open a little later where you can buy drinks.

One of the easiest ways to get to Puerto López is to fly in to either Guayaquil or Manta. From either of these towns you can get a bus to Puerto Lopez. Buses leave fairly frequently. Driving or taking the bus from Quito will take around 10 hours.

Puerto López is located in a bay, so the beach and sea are a little safer than some of Ecuador’s other coastal resorts. However, there is still an undercurrent and you should be aware of this when swimming. It is not recommended that you walk along the beach at night, or to accept drinks from strangers. As with all coastal towns, do not leave your drinks unattended in bars.