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Mompiche Ecuador

Mompiche is arguably one of the prettiest beaches on the northern Ecuador coast. The town is set a good distance (around five kilometers) away from the main road passing along the coast. Mompiche is a village that has some tourist infrastructure, but not a lot. It is a good bet for those looking for a quiet time, away from the bustle of some of the bigger Ecuador resorts such as Atacames.

Mompiche is also a great place for surfers to hang out, as there are good waves. The town is still a little off the beaten tourist trail. The beach is palm-lined, and is a vast stretch of white sand, almost as far as the eye can see to the north. The southern part of the beach is sheltered by green cliffs.

Mompiche hotels
A small fishing village, Mompiche is not widely developed for tourism. There are, however, a few hotels to suit different budget levels. Close to the main street of the village, there are a couple of cheap options. If you have a little bit more money to spend, it is possible to walk along the beach a bit in either direction and find places that are a bit nicer, but that are a little more expensive. Further afield again, to the north of the town, and accessed along the beach, there is an eco-hotel that is under expansion and a small place with pleasant wooden beach huts.

Mompiche is rarely crowded and in most cases you should be able to turn up and find a room. However, this may not be possible during holiday periods, when you should book in advance, and expect prices to rise.

Mompiche restaurants
Mompiche beach has a smattering of restaurants that are mainly located at the end of the strip of road that leads into the town. A few of the restaurants are open early for breakfast and stay open throughout the day to serve lunch and dinner too. For lunch and dinner, expect excellent seafood, usually served with rice, patacones (fried slices of plantain) and menestras (lentils in a brown sauce). There’s not much else available here. Mompiche does have a couple of places that serve pizza, for those who want a break from the seafood for one meal, however, pizza is usually only available during the evening, if at all.

Mompiche nightlife
Nightlife is almost non-existent in Mompiche. If it is nightlife that you are looking for, you are better off looking elsewhere. During the holiday periods, such as Carnaval, a couple of bars open later, or just open. In the main part of the village, and at the entrance to the beach, there are a couple of small stands which serve excellent fruit juices, also with alcohol should you so wish.

Mompiche is accessible by buses that leave from Esmeraldas and which pass through Atacames. Some buses turn off the main road and head into the village of Mompiche, while others just pass by the turn off, and can drop you off there. There are not a lot of direct buses. Be aware that if you don’t take a bus that goes directly to Mompiche, you will have a long walk from the turn off, as it is approximately five kilometers into town. This walk can be muddy and slippery during the wet season.

The beach at Mompiche is good for surfers, but there is a strong undercurrent, so those who are not strong swimmers should be aware of this. While Mompiche is one of the safer Ecuador beaches, it is still not advised to walk along the beach at night alone.