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Ecuador’s jungle offers up the opportunity for a variety of rainforest tours. Most visitors to the jungle will stay in a lodge and take their tour through the lodge. However, for the more adventurous types, it is possible to take tours that travel via canoe. These can be fairly basic in nature. If you’re looking for something really a little different, you can try Ayahuasca as part of a jungle tour. These tours are a little more alternative and need to be arranged with a shaman.

If your guide does a good job, be sure to tip him or her at the end of the tour—they will usually expect it.

Jungle Tours based in a lodge
In Ecuador’s rainforest it is possible to take jungle tours while being based in a rainforest lodge. Commonly a jungle tour will include your transportation from Quito, either flying or on a bus, all your meals at the lodge and your accommodation. Lodges vary considerably in terms of what they offer but a good number of them are geared more towards the tourist who likes to travel in luxury. A jungle tour based in a lodge usually lasts for around four or five days in order to see the best that the Amazon rainforest has to offer.

Jungle tours usually involve some kind of nature walks either in the day time or at night. These walks point out wildlife and medicinal plants that are of interest. Note that if you expect to see wildlife you will need to head deeper into the jungle than the lodges that are based around Tena.

Another popular aspect to a rainforest tour, offered by most lodges is a visit to a local village. Here you can observe how local people live and watch them doing crafts or making chicha, a local alcoholic drink.

Some jungle tours also offer alternatives such as demonstrations by a shaman (a local healer) or options such as fishing, rafting, tubing and swimming. The availability of these options depends on which lodge you visit.

Jungle Tours traveling via canoe
A few companies offer jungle tours in Ecuador’s rainforest that are a little more adventurous, traveling by canoe. This kind of rainforest tour can be considerably cheaper than a stay spent at a lodge. Usually these kinds of tours involve canoeing during the day and camping in the jungle at night. These tours are not for those without a spirit of adventure.

Jungle cruise tours
A couple of companies offer cruise tours in the jungle. These are a little harder to find and can be fairly expensive. They are also not as popular as a traditional stay at a lodge, from which you can see a significant amount of the local community. Food and accommodation is included with cruise tours in the jungle.

Jungle Tours to indigenous communities
A small number of rainforest tours are focused on homestays in local communities, staying with groups such as the Shiwiar. These tours include staying in a local home and experiencing how the indigenous communities work. Conditions can be fairly basic, so again, this type of tour is not for those with a lack of spirit for adventure.

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