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Guayaquil Airport

Guayaquil is currently serviced by the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport. This opened in 2006 and replaced the Simón Bolívar Airport. The airport is glass-fronted and has a light, bright, airy and very modern feel about it. The airport has won a “Best Airport” award from Business Week, beating regional airports all across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The airport is located on the outskirts of Guayaquil next to the now defunct old airport building. It has very good taxi and bus links to the center of town where most of the hotels are located.

Guayaquil is an important transportation hub in Ecuador and the Guayaquil airport offers both national and international flights.

National Flights
A lot of national flights go to Guayaquil. These include flights offered by the airlines Aerogal, TAME and Icaro. Flights arrive with great frequency from Quito, a journey that lasts for around 35 minutes. The flights that go to the Galápagos Islands usually stop in the Guayaquil airport to pick up more passengers.

International Flights
International flights from Europe and the United States often pass through Guayaquil’s airport either on their inbound or outbound leg. These include flights offered by Iberia and KLM traveling to and from Europe and some of the airlines from the United States. In some cases the passengers are allowed off the plane and into the terminal while the airplane refuels. Some other international flights also pass through Guayaquil, including some LAN flights.