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Flights Canada to Ecuador

There are a good number of flights from Canada to Ecuador. It is possible to take flights from all of the major Canadian hubs, including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. Prices don’t vary too wildly, but durations can be very different, depending on the airline chosen and the number and length of stopovers.

Flights from Toronto
It is possible to take flights from Canada to Ecuador by leaving from Toronto. American Airlines offer some of the best flights, flying direct from Toronto to Miami and then on to Quito, with a lay over in Miami. Some of these flights can be longer than others depending on how early you set off from Toronto. The earlier you take your first flight, the longer the layover in Miami. From Miami, in many cases, American Airlines partners with LAN Ecuador who flies the last leg. The shortest journeys on this route are around 11.5 hours.

Air Canada offer similar flights to the above, which also use LAN Ecuador for the second part of the journey. This flight is around 11.5 hours, one of the shorter options available from Canada to Ecuador. United also offer a similar option. All 3 of these flights usually fly through the day.

Other options from Toronto to Quito are a little more complicated. United has a flight that stops at Washington DC in addition to Miami, then on to Quito. Surprisingly, this route is also only around 11.5 hours.

Continental offers a longer flight that goes through New York, then Houston and finally to Quito. This journey takes a few hours longer and while it is a day flight, usually arrives late in the evening.

Flights from Ottawa
It is also possible to fly from Canada to Ecuador with Ottawa as your departure point.

Flights from Canada to Ecuador starting out in Ottawa usually have a couple of stops along the way. Continental has an option that runs from Ottawa to New York’s Newark airport, then on to Houston and finally to Quito. The journey takes around 18 hours.

American Airlines also offer a route, which flies Ottawa-Chicago-Miami-Quito. This route is shorter than the Continental option and only takes around 15 hours.

United fly offer flights form Canada to Ecuador taking the route Ottawa-New York La Guardia-Panama City-Quito. This journey uses Copa Airlines for its last leg.

Air Canada offer a similar route to the above, but instead of flying through Panama, the flight passes through Miami. The last two options are long and require overnight layovers.

Flights from Montreal
Some flights from Canada to Ecuador fly from Montreal. American Airlines is one such company, offering a Montreal-Miami-Quito route. They also have a route that additionally passes through Chicago. This one takes longer and is usually a bit more costly.

Continental leaves from Montreal and fly through New York Newark airport before taking the onward journey to Houston and Quito. This option is fairly long, at around 17.5 hours.

United also leave from Montreal to Quito. This option goes first to Washington DC, then Miami and finally to Quito.

Flights from Vancouver
Flights from Canada to Ecuador departing from Vancouver are longer, which is not surprising as the distance is much greater.

United offer a flight on this route which goes through Los Angeles and then also through San Jose. This involves an overnight stop in San Jose, before heading on to Quito. This latter part of the journey is often operated by LASCA. There are other similar offerings (US Airways) that fly through Panama, requiring a stopover for the night in Panama City. In this instance, the last part of the journey is operated by Copa Airlines who are based in Panama.

New Airport for Quito
Quito will be opening a new airport in 2010. This airport is a little further away from the city center than the current airport, and is safer, with a longer runway. The opening of the new airport may impact the number of airlines that fly from Canada to Ecuador, but this is yes to be seen.