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Canoa Ecuador

Canoa is a town in the Manabí province of Ecuador that has become more popular with travelers over the past few years. The town has an expansive white beach and combines the laid back atmosphere of Mompiche with a bit more in the way of variety of restaurants and nightlife, to make it a beach where it is possible to relax during the day, but also to have a bit of fun at night.

Canoa is good for surfing, but there are also opportunities for other activities here, such as paragliding and horseback riding. Alternatively, you can just kick back on the beach, or in a hammock at your hotel, and watch the fishermen come and go.

Most of the amenities that tourists would want from the town are based along the long seafront, including restaurants and hostels.

Canoa hotels
While Canoa is more developed than some of the other coastal resorts in Ecuador, it does not offer a great variety of accommodations for different budgets. Most options are at the budget end of the market, and are hostels, catering primarily for backpackers.

The nicer hostels have hot water, hammocks and breakfast available. There are a number of options to choose from along the beachfront. A couple of the hostels also have space for camping, which can make your trip a bit cheaper if you have the gear. Some hostels are also able to rent surf gear to you. Canoa does get busy on public holiday weekends, so during these times it is important to book a room in advance, and to expect higher prices.

Canoa restaurants
In Canoa it is possible to find a variety of different foods. You can choose between a great variety of different kinds of fresh seafood, or there is international fare such as pizza, and pastas. Most of the restaurants are located along the beachfront, or on the main strip in the town. The majority of places are open early for breakfast, as well as for lunch and dinner, but in many cases the hostels also serve breakfast.

Canoa nightlife
The nightlife in Canoa is a little more lively than some of the other Ecuador coastal resorts, but is not what you might describe as buzzing. There are a couple of bars located on the main street of the town, which offer drinks and have a dance area.

Canoa Transportation
Canoa is a fairly long way from Quito, so one option for getting there quickly, is to take a flight from Quito to Manta. It is then possible to take a bus north to Canoa. If you take a bus from Quito, you will usually need to change at Bahía de Caráquez.

As with many of the beaches along Ecuador’s Pacific coast, the beach is excellent for surfing, but the waves can be strong for those who are not strong swimmers. There is a powerful undercurrent. Take care with your belongings both in your hostel and in the beach and town, as there have been some reported instances of petty theft. Do not walk along the beach alone at night, and as with other Ecuador beach resorts do not accept drinks from people that you don’t know. Keep an eye on your drinks at all times.