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Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador beach MontanitaEcuador beaches can be found along the Pacific coastline of the country. If you want to get to the coast quickly from Quito, the northern coast offers the best options, primarily Atacames, Same, Súa, Muisne, Mompiche and Canoa. However, if you are traveling from Guayaquil, the Ecuador beaches that may best suit are those on the southern part of the coastline, including Manta, Puerto López and Montañita.

The northern Ecuador resorts (Atacames, Same, Súa, Muisne and Mompiche) are best accessed through Esmeraldas, either by flying or by taking a bus. Canoa and Puerto López are most rapidly reached by flying to Manta, while the closest transportation hub to Montañita and Salinas is Guayaquil. Ecuador’s southern beach resorts are best visited from December to July, when the weather is best. In the north however, the high season runs from August through December.

Most Ecuador beaches have strong currents, which suits surfers, but you need to take care if you are not a strong swimmer. It is not advised to walk along the beaches alone at night.

Ecuador beach summaries are detailed below, to help you better decide which is the beach resort for you.

Atacames Beach EcuadorAtacames is one of the livelier of Ecuador’s beaches. Here, you will find the beach lined with bars, which at night during high season and especially on public holidays will be pumping with people. There is a large variety of hotels and restaurants at this Ecuador resort to serve all levels of budget. This beach is particularly popular with quiteños looking to escape the city on holiday weekends, such as Carnival.

Same beach
Same is quieter than Atacames and attracts fewer visitors. This Ecuador resort is made up mainly of apartments, although there are a few hotels. The town is pretty quiet, and costs of staying here can be high, as there are not many options for those on a low budget.

The pretty beach at this Ecuador resort is an attraction for travelers who are looking for something a little quieter than Atacames, but with a bit more going on than Same.

This Ecuador beach is a pleasant place to spend a couple of days. The beach is not lined with bars, unlike many of the other resorts. The town itself is a little run down, and for some, this place can be too quiet.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and quiet experience, this Ecuador beach is the one for you. With white sand stretching almost as far as the eye can see, and a backdrop of palms and mangroves, it is hard to not let go and chill out. There are just a handful of restaurants, serving almost exclusively seafood, however, the number of accommodations has been increasing in recent years. You can find hotels at this Ecuador resort to suit a variety of budgets.

Atacames Beach EcuadorCanoa is a nice spot for relaxing, which has a bit more of a tourist infrastructure than some of the other Ecuador beaches described. The town is fairly small, but has a variety of restaurants and hostels to choose from. The beach is long and not crowded, and for the night time, there are a handful of bars with music blaring.

Manta is a large, bustling port town, which also happens to have beach too. The port does tend to dominate many of the views, however, Manta is a busy Ecuador resort with a lot going on, which can appeal to those looking for nightlife.

Puerto López
This small fishing town is arguably the best Ecuador resort from which to find a whale watching tour in season (July to September). Puerto López is also a good stepping-off point for trips to Isla de la Plata and the Machalilla National Park.

A surfer’s haven, this Ecuador beach is a bit of a hippy hangout. If parties are your thing, especially beach parties around a fire, this is the place for you. The town has a large number of hostels and restaurants for travelers.

Popular with Ecuador’s jet set, this resort is filled with higher-end hotels and restaurants. That’s not to say that cheaper options can’t be found, just that they are less common than elsewhere along the coast.