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Airlines to Ecuador

There are a number of different airlines to Ecuador. Ecuador is well linked to Europe, the United States of America and other South and Central American cities.

Airlines to Ecuador from Europe

From Europe, the main airlines to Ecuador are KLM, Iberia and Air France.

KLM is a Dutch airline, and all flights to Ecuador using this company are routed through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. For example, if you start your journey in Denmark, you can expect a stop over in Amsterdam, where you will need to change planes. The route then flies through Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles islands for a fuel stop, and then finally on to Ecuador.

Iberia is the main Spanish airline. Most flights to Ecuador using this airline include a lay over in Madrid airport. This is one of the most rapid routes from Europe to Ecuador, as the Iberia airplane does not stop over anywhere else once it leaves Madrid. Iberia works in an alliance with LAN to provide this flight to Ecuador.

Air France is another airline to Ecuador. Customers from European cities other than Paris are routed through France’s capital city. The route then flies through Bogota, where customers transfer to Avianca.

Other big European airline companies such as British Airways and Lufthansa do not provide flights to Ecuador.

Airlines to Ecuador from the United States

American Airlines flies to Ecuador from the United States. Flights are usually routed through Miami from the other US cities. LAN also provides flights from the United States to Ecuador. This route also usually includes a stop over in Miami.

Continental also provides flights to Ecuador from the United States. When traveling on this route, flights usually involve a change at Houston, Texas.

A third airline to Ecuador from the United States is Delta. This flight involves a lay over in Atlanta.

Airlines to Ecuador from Latin America

Ecuador is serviced by a number of airlines in Latin America, linking it up to most of the other major cities. The airline LAN links Ecuador with Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and the United States, among others.

Avianca is an airline based in Colombia. It is possible to take this airline to Ecuador from various Colombian cities, such as Cartagena and Bogota. Air France has flights to Ecuador from Europe that fly through Bogota, and use Avianca for the final leg of the journey from Bogota to Quito.

Copa Airlines have their headquarters in Panama, and mainly link up Ecuador with Central America and Mexico. Copa flights from Ecuador usually involve a lay over in Panama City airport. It is also possible to take flights from Ecuador to Cuba via this route.

Taca Airlines also mainly link Ecuador with Central America, but also to some countries in South America. It is possible to take this airline to Ecuador from countries such as Peru and Costa Rica.

New airport in Quito
In 2010, Ecuador is due to open a new airport in Quito. This may impact the number and variety of airlines that provide flights to and from Ecuador. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be the case.